Minimally Invasive Pet Surgery

Veterinary hospital serving the Fraser Valley and the entire greater Vancouver area.

Minimally Invasive Surgery,  also known as laparoscopic or key hole surgery,  is a modern surgery technique, first used in the 70’s, in which operations in the abdomen are performed through small incisions (1.5cm) as opposed to the larger incision needed in a routine laparotomy (abdominal surgery).  This form of surgery makes use of a camera which displays images on a monitor and allows us to have a great view of all the organs in the abdomen.

There are a number of advantages to our patients with laparoscopic surgery versus an open abdominal  procedure.   These include shorter recovery time, reduced pain, decrease hemorrhage and reduced exposure of internal organs to possible contaminants and thereby reduced risk of acquiring infections.

We are proud to be one of very few hospitals in British Columbia to offer this fantastic service.  And we have been able to offer Minimally Invasive Surgery to the pets of the Fraser Valley and Greater Vancouver area since 2007!  Not all surgeries can be done by laparoscopy, but the following surgeries all lend themselves to MIS:

  • CRYPTORCHID  (retained testicles)
  • GASTROPEXY  (Tie down stomach to abdominal wall to prevent stomach twisting)
  • CYTOTOMY  (Stone removal)
  • CYSTOSCOPY (examination and/ or biopsy of the lower urinary tract and bladder)
  • NASAL SCOPE (examination and biopsy of the nose)

Now with minimally invasive surgery major procedures such as liver biopsies can be done in a fraction of the surgical time, with minimal discomfort to your pet and with a significantly quicker recovery!

So with MIS when we do a spay there are a few differences such as a funky haircut, but hair does grow back!  But the advantages to minimally invasive surgical spays are wonderful!  Studies have shown that both pain and recovery times for laparoscopic spays are decreased by over 65%. Most owners report that the pet is “back to normal” the evening of the surgery and act like they haven’t had anything done the next day! Another recent study that included 175 dogs and cats has shown an 80% reduction is surgery site infections when comparing minimally invasive surgeries to the same procedures performed using traditional methods. Other added benefits include decreased bleeding, better surgeon visualization, higher safety overall as well as less time spent under anesthesia.  Over the years we have found that our patients undergoing MIS require 50-70% less anesthetic than a traditional surgery.  All pets undergoing MIS will have an exam and the veterinarian will discuss the surgery, so you understand what will happen the day of surgery.

Please feel free to contact us by phone (604 854 2313) or e-mail (, or if you are in the neighbourhood stop by and we can answer any of your questions you may have on this fantastic surgical option that we offer at our veterinary hospital in Abbotsford, BC.