When you hear worms, you might usually think of earthy-coloured harmless creatures that help soil and plant growth. In the veterinary world, worms are a cause of concern as they can cause life-threatening illnesses in pets. Worms can infest cats and dogs, reproduce and damage internal organs such as the heart, lungs, liver and more. One way of treating worms is deworming, which is advised to be done frequently for both felines and canines. 

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When should puppies receive their first deworming medication?

Puppies should have their first deworming as soon as they are 2-weeks-old and repeated every two weeks until they are 12-weeks-old if they live in a high-risk exposure area. After this period, they should be dewormed at least twice every year. 

How often should cats be dewormed?

Like dogs, cats should also be dewormed at least twice each year and be on a year-round prevention plan. To know more about our deworming services, please call us at 604-854-2313.

Can I use the same deworming medication for my cat and dog?

No, you should not use a dog dewormer for your cat or vice versa. It is not advisable to change medications without consulting your veterinarian as it can cause severe reactions and side effects. 

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