Welcome to Fraser Valley Animal Hospital in British Columbia!

Fraser Valley Animal Hospital is synonymous with making a difference. Every day, we strive to make positive impacts on our pets’ lives, their parents, our community, and in veterinary practice as a whole.   

We have a dedicated team of experienced veterinarians, veterinary technicians, support staff and management team that carries this motive to every aspect of our work and life. With over 30 years of service, we have taken step after step to ensure our furry friends have access to the most advanced medications, treatments, and equipment to lead a happy life. 

Here at Fraser Valley Animal Hospital, we pride ourselves on always offering the best for our patients. From advanced surgeries to boarding facilities, you can find all your pet needs taken care of. 

The hospital has been built using Fear Free standards — a program developed by a group of veterinary behavioural specialists to improve the hospital experience for patients. Everything in our hospital has been designed keeping in mind the comfort of our patients. From the non-slip heated floors and the lighting to the colours on the walls; are all done to decrease anxiety in our pets. We also have separate entrances for dogs and cats, along with separate exam and treatment rooms. 

At Fraser Valley, we also operate on the philosophy of care and nurturing. In 2013, we made a promise to help cats in need find forever homes and since then, we have helped over 100 cats find loving homes. This care extends beyond our work. We are conscious of our planet’s needs and are currently a paper-free practice.


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