Senior Health Questionnaire

Senior Pet Wellness

Do you have a cat or small dog who is 10 or older, or a large dog 8 or older? Well, then you are the proud owner of a senior who needs a little extra care. Your pet may appear healthy and still youthful but there can be hidden problems and if dealt with early can add years to your pet’s life.

We recommend a senior screen every 12 months, which includes blood pressure, ECG (for the heart) and an annual chemistry and CBC screen.

Did you know senior pets need to have their nails trimmed more frequently?  We commonly see our senior pets with overgrown nails or nails grown into pads.  If you are uncomfortable trimming nails we can teach you or do them for you.  Every 11th nail trim is free – pick up your nail trim card today!

FVAH Senior Health Questionnaire

Our pet companions can be considered senior pets as early as seven years old. Due to their relatively shorter lifespan compared to humans, the aging process can progress quite rapidly. By answering the following simple questions, together we can identify certain disease processes early on, allowing earlier intervention and slowing down or reversal of progression, thus extending the healthy quality of life of your beloved companion.