Welcome to our Cat Nap Inn!

We offer a variety of rooms ranging from small to extra large.

  • Penthouse Suites are half-size rooms with a shelf to perch. Ideal for a small, less active cat. ($25.02)
  • The Bachelor Pad is all brightly themed with a place to hide, perch and climb. These rooms are floor-to-ceiling, offering plenty of space to play and stretch out. ($30.79)
    *an additional cat is welcome for an additional fee ($6.52)
  • The Villa Suites are large units also floor to ceiling. They offer enough space for 2 cats with multiple places to hide, perch and climb, including newly renovated hideaway boxes and skywalks. ($34.16)
  • The Executive Suites are the 2nd largest floor-to-ceiling spaces that are suitable for 3 cats. These rooms include full-size cat trees, windows and skywalks. ($40.92)
  • The Royal Suite is the largest floor-to-ceiling space that is suitable for 4 cats. This room includes an armchair, full-size cat trees, a climbing area and skywalks, that feel like home. ($56.31)

The open space in the center of the boarding hallway allows each cat individual playtime outside of their room once a day.

All cats must be treated for fleas upon coming to stay ($21 applied in boarding).

**Litter boxes, litter, blankets, dishes, toys, catnip mice, and classical music provided for every cat**

This is one of our Penthouse suites, it measures W2'8" x L3'3" x H3'10" and is suitable for a single cat who is only staying with us for a short time
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While staying here, our guests are monitored closely for appetite, litter box habits, energy levels, and anxiety. As a veterinary clinic, our goal is to keep our patients and boarding cats happy and healthy to the best of our ability. While staying in any new environment, cats may develop stress responses (or present an underlying pre-existing illness due to stress) which could include but aren’t limited to inappetence, vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation. Our veterinarians do not examine your cat unless requested by you or if they are having an issue during their stay, such as the ones previously listed.