Welcome to the Cat Nap Inn, the perfect cozy boarding facility for felines. Cat Nap Inn has been running for over 20 years now. We have housed hundreds of cats as pet parents go away on business or vacation. Away from the hustle and bustle of the hospital, the Inn is built on the main and lower level with several small housing rooms with climbing posts, hiding boxes and sleeping lofts. Placed under the care of professional veterinarians and trained kennel staff, the Inn is a home away from home for your feline companion.  

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What facilities and services are available at the boarding facility?

Apart from fully furnished rooms with climbing posts and sleeping lofts, cats are placed under the watchful eyes of trained kennel staff who take care of every need your pet might have. Each day’s feeding and daily litter box usage are monitored to keep track of any changes. Each cat is checked on by our technicians and any concerns are brought to the attention of the doctor. We have weekly weight checks to ensure they are doing well. We can also provide additional services such as nail trims, wellness exams, bloodwork, surgical services (spay/neuter) etc. as requested. 

My cat has a medical condition. Can I still use your boarding services?

We at the Fraser Valley Animal Hospital are happy to board all cats, including those with medical conditions. If your cat has had a current or recent diagnosis, we are happy to discuss what extra needs your pet might need during their stay. Please be sure to read and sign our Medical Waiver in addition to our standard boarding form, additional charges for their stay may be required.

What is unique about Cat Nap Inn?

We are not only providing boarding care but medical attention as well. We know cats don’t do well with routine change and thus, we take extreme care to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Other unique services include: 

  • Each cat is given individual playtime in the centre court area (indoor only) and is given their catnip mouse
  • Classical music is played throughout the boarding facility as studies have shown it decreases stress in cats
  • Grooming care can be provided as required/requested

What is the cost of boarding facilities?

There are multiple rooms and charges differ for each room. You can call us at 604-854-2313 to learn more details about each room and get a detailed price based on your needs and duration of stay. 

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