At Fraser Valley, we believe in staying a step ahead of diseases. One way to achieve this is to do regular blood testing. This also allows us to catch diseases early, start prevention and control and have a better chance of treating them. We have on-site bloodwork services that allow us to conduct all kinds of bloodwork – from regular blood testing, and antigen testing to pre-anesthetic checks. Our in-house laboratory means that we can process results quickly and start treatment immediately. 

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Where is blood drawn from for bloodwork?

The most common area to draw blood is from the forelimb near their paws. Blood, however, can be drawn from other areas of your pet’s body depending on the situation. 

Does blood drawn for bloodwork leave a scar on pets?

Blood is drawn using a needle, similar to a syringe used for vaccination and other medications. It does not leave a scar. However, if you notice any kind of bruising or skin flare-up you should bring your pet to the clinic for the vet to take a look. 

How should I prepare my pet for a blood test?

Preparation might differ based on the kind of blood test. Some specialized tests might require fasting or other conditions. For most blood tests, the veterinarian will guide you through the preparations. Some things to keep in mind are:

  • Avoid strenuous activity or exercise before blood testing
  • Minimize stress for your pet
  • If your pet has a comfort toy or blanket, bring it along
  • Talk in a soothing tone and help them keep calm

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