Parasites are organisms that can cause fatal damage to pets. Both internal and external parasites are hard to spot, and thus, it is easier and cheaper to prevent them than to treat them. At Fraser Valley, we can help you find the most effective parasite control and prevention schedule, so your pet can lead a joyous and playful life. Call us at 604-854-2313 to know more about our parasite control and prevention services or to book your appointment. 

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How can I prevent parasites in my pet?

Some ways to prevent your pet from getting infected by parasites are to:

  • Keep your yard feces-free
  • Pick up after your pet
  • Give your pet preventative medication regularly
  • Consult your veterinarian and build a prevention plan 
  • Ask your vet for a regular fecal check 
  • Stop your dog from any stool-eating behaviour 
  • Ensure a clean surrounding and safeguard from mosquito infestation 

When should my dog start taking preventative mediation?

Dogs are susceptible to parasites throughout their life. It is recommended that dogs start on a prevention plan within 8 weeks of birth. Make it a point to take your pet for regular deworming procedures. All pets should have a year-round parasite prevention plan to prevent fatal diseases. 

How should I protect my cat from parasites?

The most effective way to protect your feline friend from parasites is to ensure they are on a year-round optimal prevention and control plan. The best way is to consult your veterinarian and build a plan catered to your pet’s specific needs and lifestyle. Ensure your cat is regularly dewormed, especially when they are 2 to 8-weeks-old and until they are 6 months of age. Regularly consult your vet and discuss more prevention and control measures for your feline companion. 

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