All of us love it when our pets are plump and chubby. However, being on the heavier side can hinder your furry friend’s playtime and everyday activities. At Fraser Valley, we run the Slim Pet Program. Our weight loss specialist works with you and your pet to help them reach their ideal weight. If your pet needs a weight management plan, call us at 604-854-2313 to book your appointment today. 

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When is a pet considered overweight?

According to the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, approximately 50 to 60% of pets in Canada are obese or overweight. Pets are considered overweight when they have 10 to 20% more than their ideal weight. The best way to know your pet’s ideal weight is to have them assessed by our weight specialist. 

What happens when a pet is overweight?

Being overweight is a dangerous health condition that significantly affects your pet’s quality of life. Obesity also puts your pet at an increased risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease, respiratory disease and more. It also reduces your pet’s fitness levels and becomes a hindrance in their everyday life and activities.  

How will the weight specialist help my pet?

Our weight specialists and veterinarians work together to monitor your pet’s weight journey and create a plan for weight loss. Apart from physical and fitness recommendations, they also build a nutritional program to keep your pet’s calorie intake under control. 

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