Did you know that over 60% of cats over the age of 7 and 90% over 14 have arthritis? Some studies show that cats over 15 years old have as high as a 49% chance of having some kidney insufficiency. Whereas 60% of senior dogs will develop some form of dementia. As your pet ages, they need more care and attention. They need regular physical exams, more screening tests, changes in nutritional diets, exercise, and more frequent care. At Fraser Valley Animal Hospital, we can help your pet enjoy their senior years with comfort. 

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When would my dog be considered a senior?

Different sized dogs are considered senior at different ages. Here is an easy breakdown:

  • Giant breeds – 7 years 
  • Large breeds – 8 years
  • Medium breeds – 9 years
  • Small breeds – 10 years

How does care change for senior pets?

Senior pets need frequent physical exams. We suggest that senior pets have an exam every 6 months. We also recommend screening tests such as blood tests, urine exams and monitoring blood pressure. As they age, pets should be given smaller, more frequent meals to help their digestive system. With age, they also lose flexibility and strength, which means they need to incorporate some exercises to help restore these capacities.  

How can I help my pet against dementia?

Studies have shown that the inclusion of Omega fatty acids and stimulating exercises such as puzzles and games can help slow down the progression of dementia in pets. To know more about how to help your aging pet, call us to book an appointment at 604-854-2313.

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