Fraser Valley Animal Hospital

2633 Ware Street
Abbotsford, BC V2S 3E2


Indoor Cat Wellness Care

We are finding in the Abbotsford area that more and more cats are staying indoors. This does keep them safe from cars, dogs and other cats, but the indoor cat is prone to its own problems including sterile cystitis and obesity. Would you know if your cat had a “cavity” or a new heart murmur? At the Fraser Valley Animal Hospital we believe all pets need annual physical examinations as many diseases and problems can go undetected by owners.  Cats are masters of disguise and are so very good at hiding issues that they may have.  Dr Horvat’s own cat was diagnosed with kidney disease at 12 years of age only because of her annual exam and blood work.  Because of this Dr Horvat was able to put Madison on a special diet and despite her medical condition she lived to be 23!  Preventative medicine is our goal!