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Fraser Valley Animal Hospital - Our Doctors


Dr. Shelley Horvat


Education: Western College of Veterinary Medicine  1992

Hometown: Port Coquitlam

Pets:  Brutus - FVAH's retired clinic dog and Winston the Pug who is one of our ‘greeters’ and 2 cats Maggie & Brandon-Muller

Dr. Shelley Horvat graduated for the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 1992 and after working in Maple Ridge and working as a locum throughout the lower mainland she settled in at Fraser Valley Animal Hospital in Abbotsford the fall of 1999. Dr. Horvat, now a grandmother of 5 and the mom of 3 dogs and 2 cats has always wanted to work in a hospital where the medicine is top notch, the care for the animals is loving and there is compassion and understanding of client needs.  So over the years Dr. Horvat has dreamt of how to accomplish this and in the fall of 2016 she will be moving  FVAH into the Pawsitive Wellness Centre (The Paw Centre).  The building has been designed to minimize the anxiety that hospitals can create in our pets – with slip free floors, calming colour palette, full spectrum dimming lighting, and specific dog and cat clinics with each area having its own species specific music and phermones – all known to help decrease anxiety. 

Dr Horvat believes so strongly that we can give our pets the best care if they are not anxious that she has become certified in Fear Frear animal handling and medicine and all staff, under her guidence follows the Fear Free standard of care.  Her passion for medicine and being able to offer her patients the best care means she is also passionate about continuing education including her most recent accomplishments of laser surgery, laparoscopic surgery, and ultrasound courses.  As well she has just finished her AAAHA certificates in Fear Free and Endocrinology.  She is a member of the American Feline Practitioners Association and with Robbie together they worked together to receive Gold level with the Feline Friendly Certification for the hopsital. 

When not at work Dr. Horvat has a multitude of passions including hiking, travelling and despite being a grandmother she is an avid hockey player!


Dr. Anita Selander


Education: Western College of Veterinary Medicine  2003

Home Town: Surrey 

Pets: Ava the rottweiler

Dr. Anita Selander graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 2003. After growing up in Surrey, B.C. and graduating high school she moved to Victoria where she completed her first degree a BSc in biology with distinction. Dr. Selander has always had a passion for science and the pursuit of knowledge. After graduating with her second degree, in Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Selander returned from Saskatchewan and spent several years working as a Veterinarian in the lower mainland and recently found a home here at Fraser Valley Animal Hospital.

Dr. Selander has a special interest in soft tissue surgery, orthopaedics, rehabilitation medicine as well as ultrasound and advanced imaging.

When she isn’t pondering the ailments of her patients. Dr. Selander occupies her time as chauffeur to her nine year old son Lukas on his way to Hockey here in Abbotsford or lacrosse. Together they also enjoy fishing at Mill lake.

Dr. Selander is an avid trail runner, yoga enthusiast, and calls to her motorcycle on warm summer days as a stress reliever touring the quiet back roads of the Fraser Valley. Dr. Selander’s best friend and confidant is her 1 ½ year old Rottweiler Ava. Her puppy antics and goofy disposition she keeps a smile on Anita’s face constantly.


Dr. Jaye Hartman


Education: Oregon State University 2009

Home Town:  Salem Oregon

Pets: Milton the cat

Dr. Jaye Hartman graduated from veterinary school at Oregon State University in 2009. After working at a very busy emergency clinic for a couple years in Washington state, she moved to British Columbia with her husband in 2011. While Dr. Hartman has a strong background in Emergency Medicine, she loves that general practice allows her the opportunity to really know her patients and their families. She strives to help her patients be relaxed and comfortable throughout their visits. Dr. Hartman loves internal medicine and geriatric care. She sees dental care as critical to her patients quality of life and has a strong background in this area.

Dr. Hartman lives with her husband, their young son, an active dog named Charlie and a rather unique cat Milton. In her spare time she loves hiking, camping, gardening and just spending time with her family.

At present (2018) our Dr Hartman is on maternity leave.


Dr. Kelly McCallum


Education: Western College of Veterinary Medicine  1992

Home Town: Red Deer

Pets: Always a house full of Sphynx cats

Dr. Kelly McCallum attended the University of Saskatchewan after completing her bachelors of science at the University of Alberta.  After receiving her veterinary degree she opted to move to Squamish where she ran her own practice for a number of years.  After moving herself, cats and daughters to Chilliwack Dr. McCallum started to locum, fill in for Dr. Horvat when she needed a holiday or went to a conference.  Over time Dr. McCallum just gradually became one of our regular weekend doctors.

When Dr McCallum is not busy working as a veterinarian you will find her either at an Irish dance competition watching her daughter or at the cat shows.  Dr. McCallum is a breeder of Sphynx cats and is working at trying to improve their heart health through breeding via outcrossing them.  This year one of her Oriental Shorthair cat, Puck, became Grand Champion with TICA.  If you don't go to cat shows you will have to ask her what TICA  is.  What we know is Puck is one cool looking cat!

Dr. Sharon Bruce


Education: Western College of Veterinary Medicine  2002

Home Town: North Delta

Pets:  Manny the labradoodle and Katniss the cat

Dr. Sharon Bruce is one of our full time Veterinarians and graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 2002. Although originally from North Delta, she wound up staying in Saskatoon after graduating from vet school and spent 14 years in Saskatchewan.  A rare B.C. girl, she loved the prairies and the open skies and still cheers for the Saskatchewan Roughriders at Football games. 

She moved back to B.C. in 2011 and settled into Abbotsford to be close to her family.   Dr Bruce joined the Fraser Valley Animal Hospital team in 2014.  She has a very busy family with two very active young boys.  In the past she has owned two Bernese Mountain dogs but presently shares her home with one very busy labradoodle and the cat.  

While she loves all of general practice and the constant change, learning and variability of small animal practice, her passion is dermatology and loves anything skin related!  Dr. Bruce attended an intense course on advanced dentistry in Las Vegas.  Just like Dr. Horvat, who also took the same course, Dr. Bruce is very proficient and comfortable with dentistry and can answer any questions you may have about your pet’s pearly whites.

Dr. Bruce loves to get to know her clients and practicing in a family oriented environment.  In her rare spare time, she loves to spend time outside being active and traveling.  The farthest away from Canada she has been is South Africa (which was also a work trip to attend the World Small Animal Conference), where she saw so many amazing animals and enjoyed some of the best wines.

Dr. Bruce enjoys yoga, a variety of family adventures, taking her kids camping and traveling. She endeavours to complete her bucket list which includes working all over the world with Vets without Borders.