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Pet Identification Month

Here at Fraser Valley Animal Hospital we recommend that your pet has a form of permanent identification. Now you may be asking yourself what does that mean?

There are 2 forms of permanent identification an ear Tattoo and a Microchip.

*we no longer offer a tattoo as a service*

Tattoo vs Microchip?

Tattoos are well known for fading overtime and the small numbers and letters that make up a tattoo can become difficult to read. With this knowledge we know that a microchip is the most reliable source of permanent identification.  Learn more about microchipping!

What is a microchip?

A microchip is an electronic chip that is about the same size as a grain of rice. They will last a lifetime and work world wide. The microchip has a unique identification number that is activated by a scanner that most veterinarians and shelters carry. When the scanner detects the microchip it will display the unique number. This number can then be entered into a database and be linked to your up-to-date contact information. Microchips can be done at the time of an appointment. 

What is an ear Tattoo?

These tattoos are placed in your pets right ear and are a series of numbers and letters that are specific to location and year in BC. Your information will need to be kept up-to-date at this location or registered at the BC Pet Registry for a fee. Tattoos are only done while a pet is anesthetized. 

A microchip is about the size of a small grain of rice!

We have seen time and time again why pet identification is such an important part of your pet's care; know we do recommend that every pet has a microchip. 

Your pet doesn’t have any permanent identification?  That can easily be fixed! 

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