Hospice Care

The information you will provide in this questionnaire will serve as a guide for your pet’s initial hospice consultation. The Veterinarian will assess your pet based on your pet’s current medical situation, any treatments your pet has undergone, and your pet’s comfort level. For some of these questions, you may need to sit back and observe your pet as signs may be subtle and could have come on gradually.

To fill out when interested in Veterinary Hospice Care
  • Family Information

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  • Tell us about your pet:

  • Your pet's nutrition and medication history:

  • Exploring your home environment:

  • Specifically for dogs:

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  • Your family's expectations:

  • How did you find our program?

  • Please note that it can take up to 48 hours for us to contact you. If we have not contacted you, please phone our clinic at 604.854.2313