Dec 28 2015

5 Reasons Your Cat Should Have A Cat Scratching Tower

Cat under scratching tower

So you have the best food, the perfect litter box and every evening you spend have quality cat time with your favorite cat, what else could Felix want?  Have you thought of a cat tower?   Cat towers now come in all shapes and sizes and can be made to suite any decor or home space.  At the Fraser Valley Animal Hospital we think every cat should have a tower or two.  In our Cat Nap Inn, our feline exclusive boarding facility, we make sure we have plenty of climbing and perching spaces in each and every room and here is why. 


Cat sitting on cat scratching tower
Cats are curious creatures and love to explore.  As an indoor cat they quickly learn every corner of your home and can get bored, which may lead to behavioral issues such as inappropriate urination.  Setting a cat tower in front of a window with a view is almost guaranteed to keep your cat entertained for hours.  For added fun and entertainment try hanging a bird feeder in front of the window.

Take advantage of vertical space!  Every cat owner knows that cats love to climb and will find their feline friend staring down at them from the top of bookcases and cupboards. Being a small critter, a ground level view is a somewhat limited view of the world. Climbing up to a higher spot will help your cat to feel safe and secure, and will allow her to survey her territory from a secure place.

I am not sure which upsets owners more having their best carpet shredded or urinated on.  But these are both common issues that I deal with in my exam room.  So be proactive and prevent the destruction of that antique couch and make sure you cat has an appropriate place to scratch, as every girl knows manicures are important.
To help train your cat to scratch the post make sure it is stable as nothing is worse than a post falling on top of you when you are just trying to sharpen those claws.  As well, cats being cats, they have a preference for different materials so you may need to experiment – cardboard, rope, carpet, tree bark, or fabric, see what your cat likes.  Most cats like to be able to stretch when they scratch so make sure the scratching area is tall enough.
No cat learns the same way but by using Feliway (a happy cat pheromone) or cat-nip on the post are a couple of ways to teach your cat to love his post.  Watch the video for another great trick.

About 75% of cats coming into our hospital are carrying some extra weight, which can affect their health and reduce both the quality and quantity of their life.  Exercise is important, not just for the body, but for every cat’s mental stimulation. Your feline pal might love climbing, jumping, and playing on her tower.  Try hiding treats or new toys in different places on the tower to teach your cat to hunt and keep her brain stimulated.

Cats tend to have no issues at finding themselves comfy spots to nap, but that doesn’t mean Felix won’t take full advantage the tower, especially if it lines up with the sunbeam. Towers with one enclosed level may also help shy kitties feel more secure, as our feline pals tend to feel very safe in small, high places.
If you are having a behaviour issue with your cat or have any questions about your furry friend’s care or health, give us a call as that is why we are here.  We are always happy to help!

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