Jan 23 2015

How To Pick The Best Dental Products For Your Pets.


So just like pet food when it comes to oral health care for your pet it can be confusing! Dental products are all the rage. This is great as oral health care is so important, but also when it is all the rage it means the big food companies are all on board with marketing and you will be inundated with advice from EVERYONE!

So what to do….

  1. NEVER give a chew or dental product that is harder than the tooth itself or you are at risk of having to deal with a fractured tooth. So make sure all toys and chews are flexible and can be indented with your nail.
  2. NEVER use any dental product that contains XYLITOL – it is toxic to pets!
  3. NEVER use human toothpaste as fluoride is toxic and pets eat the toothpaste – we spit it out.
  4. Look for the VOHC symbol on a product or go to their page to see if studies actually support the companies claims. http://www.vohc.org/accepted_products.htm

Well that is pretty easy now isn’t it!

What do I use…. Since I have to feed my pet anyway I figure if I can use something to help the teeth at the same time woohoo – “kill 2 birds with one stone” as the perhaps inappropriate saying goes. So I use Royal Canin Dental Diet. For chews I like the Cet chews especially with chlorhexadine as it has antibacterial effect.   Remember the EXTRA CALORIES in any extra dental treats that you may give your pet.

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