Dec 19 2014

10 Tips To Get An Indoor Cat To Exercise

While indoor cats are safe from cars, dogs, other cats and many contagious diseases, but they are prone to obesity and boredom. Regular exercise/ playtime is important for your cat-human relationship, for your cat’s brain, waistline and overall health. But convincing a cat to get off the couch and exercise….well that is one of those easier said than done statements. So here are 10 ideas to help you get your cat moving, unfortunately cats being cats, it is up to them if they choose to participate! So it is trial and error for each individual cat.

  1. Make Use Of Your Vertical Space

Cat trees are a great way to encourage your cat to jump, climb and explore. But cats get bored so change is important. Add and remove things from the tree to keep it interesting to explore. You can also hide low calorie treats on the tree for the cat to have to hunt and find. Catnip can also be added but be aware some cats do not respond AND some cats can become aggressive with catnip. Be creative.

  1. Interactive Toys

You need to have a cat toy box so that you can change up your toys on a regular basis, as cats get bored! Once again cats are cats and what entertains one won’t entertain another. Think about what cats love to do…HUNT. So choose toys that fulfill this need. There are some great toys – try a laser, or Nation Geographic Electronic Mouse Pouncer, a Kong Treat Dispenser.

  1. Cheap Non-Toys

Cats are excited about new things in the house. A box, scrunched paper, ping pong-balls, bags (not plastic). Leave new items around the house for your cat to explore and check out. Change them up as cats get bored.

  1. Diet Work Out  

Fed your cat small meals in various spots in the house so your cat cannot sit down in one spot to chow down on a big meal. This way your cat has to move between mouthfuls. You can also change up the locations so the cat has to “hunt” and find the food.

  1. Make A Hockey Rink

WHAT? Throw a Ping-Pong ball or other such ball into a box. The cat will throw the ball and have it bounce off the box walls. Also tossing the ball into the box so that the cat has to jump into and out of the box will increase the cat’s movement!

  1. Outdoor Enclosure

Just search the internet and you can find some amazing cat run! This will allow your cat go outside and explore yet still be safe!

  1. Laundry

My cat always plays with the drying cloths on the cloths rack. For her I hang old T-shirts and strips of material so that she has something to play with, and leaves my laundry alone.

  1. Running Wheel

All I can say is check it out!!

  1. Hunt

Put treats in hiding places and get your cat to hunt. Also remember when playing with toys with your cat think about what prey would do in the wild. If you have a bouncy toy on a string make it act like prey with it periodically landing on ledges.


Believe it or not there is competitive cat agility. Even if you are not interested in competing you can use agility ideas to keep you cat moving. Owners use feathers or wand toys to persuade their pet to make their cat run around obstacles and over jumps. Check it out



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