Dec 18 2014

The Battle Of The Bulge: How Many Calories Do I Feed

photo-1So today’s lesson is dry but vital if you want to ensure you are feeding your pet in order to maintain ideal body weight AND thus add 2 years to your pet life. The easy way is to go on line and use a pet calorie calculator but in general I find I get different results with different calculators. So time for a math lesson – BUT it is easy math!

First you need to know your pet’s ideal weight. If you haven’t determined this then check out Fighting The Battle Of The Bulge: Your Pet’s Ideal Weight.

The Battle of the Bulge: Your Pet’s Ideal Weight

Now if you know this weight in pounds you need to change it to kilograms.

Ideal Weight In Pounds ÷ 2.2 = Ideal Weight In Kilograms

Cats are easy..YEAH.. 50kcal per kg of ideal body weight per day! DONE

Now for the dogs…..

Next we need to determine your pet’s RER – which is the resting energy requirements, ie. how many calories it takes for your pet to survive at rest.

RER (in kcal/day) = (30 x ideal weight in kg) + 70

And now for the final step…. Take the RER and multiply it by one of the following…..
• For Weight Loss 1 x RER
• Neutered Adult normal Activity 1.6 x RER
• Intact Adult normal Activity 1.8 x RER
• Light Work 2 x RER
• Moderate Work 3 x RER
• Heavy Work 4 x RER
• Super Heavy Work (Prolonged hunting, sledding) 6-8 x RER
• Pregnancy (Early) 1.8 x RER
• Pregnancy (Late) 3 x RER
• Nursing Mother 4-6 x RER, depending on # of pups
• Puppy (1 to 4 months) 3 x RER
• Puppy (4 to 12 months) 2 X RER

So quick example…
10 lb dog ..
10lbs/2.2 = 4.5 kg
30 x 4.5 = 135 135 + 70 = 205
So this dog’s RER is 205kcal/day.
Now if this dog needs to lose weight
1 x 205 = 205
So this dog needs 205 kcal/day

Confused yet? Don’t be. You can use the RER based guidelines above and simply tweak the daily caloric intake offered up or down in order to obtain and maintain that ideal weight. If you are having trouble determining your pet’s ideal weight, as it could be tricky, give us a call for a FREE weight evaluation with one of our qualified technicians. 604.854.2313

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