Feb 24 2013

Brutus’s Story

dscn0448Those of you who visit us all know our Brutus.  He came to us 7 years ago as an 8 month old puppy with a broken leg, after running out on the road and being hit by a car. Lucky for him, the only serious injury was his fractured femur.  Sadly the fracture involved his knee joint.  This adds complications to the surgery as joints must be smooth in order to work.  Any bumps creates pain when the joint is bent and leads to severe arthritis.  Brutus was a crazy puppy!  He’d run around the clinic happy and smiling even though his leg was broken.  The owners hummed and hawed as it was expensive to have a surgeon come and fix the leg.  After almost 2 weeks they wanted to euthanize. PROBLEM: we now loved the little guy!  I knew I was in trouble, when walking into work I heard Allison chatting away to Brutus and ending her conversation with I love you.  I knew then and there we were going to have to save him.  The owners ended up surrendered him to the clinic.  Now the fracture was old – this adds complications.  Thankfully dogs are born with 3 legs and a spare and off Brutus went to surgery.  Now 7, Brutus is a loving part of our hospital life!  And missing the leg doesn’t stop him.  Often you can catch him lifting his remaining back leg in the air, balancing on his two front legs, to pee!  Brutus’s loves include ripping apart cardboard boxes and stuffies, toys with a squeeky in them, and kittens. Yes he LOVES kittens!  It is more of an obsession! Bring in a kitten and you will have the pleasure of having Brutus snorting under the exam room dog during the entire appointment.  And like all dogs, Brutus loves getting out and going for a walk.  You should see how crazy excited he gets when someone stops by to take him for a short stroll down the block.  It is amazing that 7 years has already gone by since our Brutus joined the staff at the FVAH and we all still you love Brutus!

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